Galen Kropf Farms Access Area - Open Fields — Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Hunting Access Map

Galen Kropf Farms Access Area - Open Fields

Ducks, Geese



Grass fields and adjacent woodlot. Fields experience chronic goose damage. Property located in Northwest Oregon General Goose Zone

NW General Goose Zone Seasons - Through March 10, 2016

Walk-in Only

All hunters must possess a daily hunting permit, available at the self-serve permit box shown on "Detail Map" linked below. Decoy carts are the only wheeled vehicles allowed in fields. Motorized vehicles on designated roads only, leave gates you as found them. No overnight camping, no fires, no littering; please pick up any trash. Report any unlawful activities.

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Willamette Valley Open Fields Coordinator

Phone: 503-798-3610

Regional Hunting Report

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